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Having your picture taken

(Okay, I write too much. I don't care.)

Not liking to have your picture taken today seems to be the equivalent of being childish. Even I think that when someone else hides their face or runs away when somebody tries to take their picture, but then I think twice about it and realise I don't like it either.

However, I don't mind it if they ask permission first. "Hey, do you mind if I take a picture of you?" makes me say, "oh, yeah, sure" (provided I know the person or know the reason behind this particular request), while "Say cheese! *snap*" makes me think, "Say please! *crack*"
Having your picture taken can be fun, even, like at photoshoots and such.

Photography is an increasingly popular hobby nowadays, and while that's fine, it doesn't automatically give people permission to take pictures of other people, whether they be strangers or acquaintances or friends. The same goes with filming. "Here is my group of friends, let me film them for you so the entire Internet can see that I have friends that I use as tools in order to fool the Internet into believing I'm popular".

I completely ruined that illusion by hiding my face and groaning. (Like I said: it appears childish, doesn't it?)

This is why most of my own pictures feature animals and nature, occasionally with a humanoid figure in the far background. Should I wish to take a picture of a person, I ask permission, even if it means I'll have to repeat myself the entire day (like at cosplay conventions and such).

I don't mean to sound like I think I'm better than other people. I do mean to sound like I wish people were aware of the fact that taking someone's picture without permission is, to some people, quite rude.

I also wish there was a way to tell people this without coming off as childish.

Having Pornosangen (The Porn Song) stolen

Hey, guys, do you remember a video on YouTube called "The Porn Song (Pornosangen)"? It goes something like this:

This video was made by me about four or five years ago, because I was bored and I thought translating was easy. There are still some lines that aren't correct.

About a year ago I decided to remove it, because the comments I got were getting annoying. Sort of like how I sometimes remove fan art from my deviantART account because I don't like getting attention when it's just because I drew something from something they like. I have difficulties comparing the two with more detail, but there you go.
I intended this video to be forgotten and hopefully one day I'd make it again, but with the correct translations.

But no!

Because someone by the name of dzajarocker decided to be a totally disrespectful seventeen-year-old and upload my video, whilst claiming he/she was the one who made this, saying in the description "I may not have translated everything correctly, but I tried my best".

I have had a drawing stolen from me before, and the result was almost hilarious because it was so petty. I didn't really care. Some little girl had gone nuts with MS Paint on top of it, so it was no big deal.

But this was a fairly popular video that I took down because I didn't want to see it anymore.
I have been furious about this for an entire week. I get angry, and I hate how he/she has managed to get twenty thousand pageviews, and I also hate how my video does NOT show up of you type in "Pornosangen" in the YouTube search bar. It does if you write "the porn song raske menn", though.

It doesn't matter. What matters is someone took credit for one of my most popular things ever put online. And I can't ask YouTube to do anything because the navigation on their site is rubbish and they're very likely not to believe me if I say I made it first, now that I posted the video after this kid.

I'm aware I might be dealing with a hormone-filled attention whore, considering they say their age is seventeen on their YouTube profile, but that is no excuse. I stopped posting other people's work when I was thirteen or fourteen. Seventeen is getting a little old.

What do I wish to gain from making this post?

Just this: If someone you know well, someone you can correct without making either part uncomfortable, posts a link to this dzajarocker person's video, tell them the truth: that the video's owner is called VanjaMartin, and anyone who says otherwise is a horrible liar.

This Vanja is unhappy.

Dear book publishers (or whatever)

Dear whoever it is who prints out books and book covers,

Please give me the complete opportunity to purchase a book without the praise from other writers written all over the front or spine of the book.

Thank you.

Much love, Vanja.

Seriously, though.Collapse )
I don't think I did mention what I'm working on.

In either case it's the reason why I haven't made any comics since the last one (uploaded the ninth). That, and because somehow I simple am not able to draw them like I want to draw them. They always end up looking weird and telling me "ur doin it rong", at which point I get dejected and take a break. :D

Anyway, bunads!

This is a sample of the bit I'm working on. The whole piece? The same line-up as before, only everyone's wearing a bunad. Except, of course, the Englishman, the Frenchman, the Australian woman and the Russian guy.

For the record, a bunad is a Norwegian national costume worm mostly on May 17. There are many different ones depending on where in the country you're from! Which makes drawing this picture much more exciting, because if everyone was wearing the same I don't think I would have bothered.

The bunad Buster is wearing is from Hallingdal. He's not exactly from there, but it was the closest I could find, and in any case I can invent relatives for him who live in Hallingdal. So there.


My arms hurt, though. I don't have a proper computer desk, so drawing is a bit awkward - not to mention the bed in which I sleep is so small that I have to keep my arms bent at almost all times. So more and more often I have to take breaks from my computer and just keep my arms stretched or relaxed.


Anyway, finished bunad outlines are Østfold, Hedmark, Oppland, Vestfold, Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder. I have also finished Akershus (Asker), but I keep messing up his face, so I need to fix that first.

Edit: Is it a coincidence that the ads in my journal are flights to Iceland?

[PICTURE] Iceland!

Finally! I have all my pictures from Iceland up (I think - I either missed some or I lost them when my hard drive died)!

In stead of posting them here, I'll be leaving the links to my two albums on my FaceBook. Please tell me if they're locked! I know you have to be signed in to view them, but I hope everyone and not only friends can view them.

I haven't started writing much on the pictures yet, though. With the exception of a few.

- Album #1 (200 pictures)
- Album #2 (82 pictures)

I hope it doesn't look too boring. It's mostly landscapes, followed by silly photos, and then I think I have just about three pictures of people (two of them being me and one of them being my friend Louis).
Today was probably one of the better days in Iceland. I got up at 6:00 am (which I have done just about every morning I've been here!) and took a shower. Immediately afterwards I grabbed my book and sat down in the common room to read and eat some not-too-healthy breakfast until I noticed that people were waking up, which was about nine o clock or somewhere there about.

More.Collapse )

Things to do while I'm here:

- Buy all three Ljótu Hálfvitarnir CDs. DONE
- See puffins. Not possible. :(
- See northern lights.
- Buy Icelandic flag.
- Meet my friend.

In Reykjavik!

I think I'll leave going to Akureyri for later, as the nice lady at the airport told me that cheap places outside of Reykjavik was rare, especially considering that it's autumn now.

I'm all right! The water tastes of brimstone (or piss, I'm not certain), my shirt smells of apple cider vinegar (damn my persistence!), it's rather cold, and I met a nice American man who's been travelling for a year and a half.

I'm now trying to figure out what I'm going to do and if I can afford it.

I might just leave the whole thing as a small vacation. I believe I'll be going back to Norway, just to save up some money.

I intend to return! I'm not giving up on a language this easily.

On Storhaug

My computer is in bits and pieces (not broken, but dissembled) in my parents' cellar, and my laptop doesn't have Internet access, so I haven't had the chance to update before now. I'm using my mother's cute little laptop. :P

Leaving the country Wednesday morning. The moving went fine, and I'm almost done with everything. The only thing that doesn't go as it should is my appetite. Food tastes weird, for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm not used to healthy food, or it's because I'm bored, or it's because I'm excited/worried about travelling.

I'm not particularly optimistic anymore, but I figure it won't be rewarding to be pessimistic. After all I found out that I had 1000 NOK more than I thought I had, so that's good. I hope they have good food up there. I don't care about the beds anymore, as I'm sleeping in the least comfortable, squeaky guest bed ever at the moment. :P Sleeping on the floor seems more comfortable right now.

Anyway, unless I somehow manage to get time to sign on again, bye bye! I'll try to get my hands on a computer in Iceland and let people know I survived the airline food.

[PICTURES] Picture dump

Because, you know, Norwegian people only take pictures of nature and never of other people. Or so they say.

It's true, though. Mostly pictures of my surroundings.

More nature, some animals, and, gasp, some people's arms, but no faces.Collapse )

Nothing exciting, really.


  • I'm getting better at speaking Icelandic. :D
  • I have ordered the ticket.  There was some sale going on, so I got some relatively cheap tickets to Reykjavik, and the date of the departure is the 6th of October.  I think I'll do some sleeping-y-over-y at the air port the evening before, since the plane goes early in the morning.
  • After a little bit of snooping on visiticeland.com and some of the sites they linked to, I'm no longer worried about whether or not I'll get a bus going to Akureyri.
  • I have not found a job nor a place to stay, but with my luck I think I'll find something useful.
  • In case of emergency, I have put off some money onto my PayPal account.
  • Just in case I can't find any place to sleep, I will take my sleeping bag with me.
  • I hope I can get around without resorting to speaking English.
  • I'm scared. :[